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Need someone who will build your website?

I am offering affordable and complete web design and development services. If you need an e-commercebooking websiteserviced-basedconsulting, or other types of a business website, get it running at a low price but high in quality web design and web development solution.

Quality Experience

I’ve been building and designing websites for almost 4 years. I’ve built e-commerce, corporate websites and many more. The thing is, every website is different, every client requires a different website that will suit their businesses. I am confident to say that whatever you need for your business, I can build it for you professionally and in high quality.

Support and Maintenance

My web design and development service include 30 days of free support, maintenance, and backup. I am not that guy that will just leave you after we launch your website, it is not how I do things. I want to make sure that your website will run smoothly without me. But if you still need my support and assistance? At a lower monthly cost, I can be your web support guy.

Unique Web Design Solution

Yes, I admit that nowadays we can just use pre-made templates to build websites. Using a template is way faster in creating web pages. But in my case, your design will be unique, because there will be a creative brief. This will allow me to create designs based on your requirements and needs.


If you are going to compare the work of a freelance developer and an agency, they are still the same. Some agencies outsource their services to a freelancer like us. This is how it works in most cases. So why pay for an additional cost to an agency if you can get the same service with freelance web designers that still get the job done.


1. Gathering Information

Before I start designing and building, I need some helpful information from you. It will help me create designs that will meet your requirements. We can do an online meeting or meetup for locals. This is where we plan things like the site structure, pages, and features.

2. Design & Revisions

After getting all the information I need to build and design your website, I will start creating your designs page by page. In this phase, there will be a series of communications between us and design revisions to complete the design process.

3. Development & Revisions

This is the technical phase, this is where the actual features and page development happens. I will start converting your designs into web pages, start the site structures, and add the functionalities that were requested at the beginning.

4. Deployment

If there are no problems and you are satisfied with your website, we will launch it and make it live on the web so your clients and customer can see it, hurray!!!

What Will You Get?

A unique web design that is created specially for your business

A fully functioning website based on your requirements

Responsive website that supports different screen sizes

Search engine friendly

Enhance website performance

30 days free maintenance, support and backup


What do you need from me?

Before we start, I will send you the Creative Brief document so you can properly share your ideas with me. After I gather the information I need to start, I need some content from you. I need your business logo, the content, and images you want me to include in your website. If you still don’t have a logo, I can help you with that also.

How long will it take for the web design and development process?

This will always depend on the project scope, some of my projects take 3-8 weeks of development. Most of the time, the reason why the project takes longer is because of the content preparation for the site.

How much is your web design & development service?

Every website is different, it depends on the functionalities and complexities. If you’re on a tight budget just let me know, I am open for negotiation.

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